Hey everyone! We are so happy that finally our new album Crossing The Rubicon is out! As you may have heard or read from some of our interviews, this is a very important album for us as we made the decision to make this record totally on our own, without the help or involvement of a record label. We basically toured the world, over 25 countries on Dying To Say This To You, and brought all of our experiences of playing for you, meeting you, and connecting with you, and tried to put all of that into our new album. What has resulted is a much more intimate and personal album from us, but still gets you on your feet dancing your asses off. This is the best stuff we’ve ever written and recorded, and we’re sure these songs will be favorites of yours too!!

There are a bunch of things going on surrounding the release of the record that you should know about. First of all, we have at the same time released the album in all countries around the world DIGITALLY. That means if you have an i-tunes store, or a major digital retailer, Crossing The Rubicon should be available now. In some countries, we are selling through every digital provider, and even through cell phones. When its time to come through on tour in your country, we will then get the physical copy of the record available for you. When you are buying the record, you are basically buying it from us!!! So please go out and support. To make this as easy as possible, we have set up links to a lot of major countries. You can go to our site HERE that has all of this available for you DOWNLOAD THE ALBUM HERE Before we left Malmo to start the No Doubt tour in the USA, we went in and recorded a special version of No One Sleeps When I’m Awake that is available along with a CD booklet on the I-tunes store with album art and lyrics. We will also be putting up some web site exclusive packages and downloads to buy directly off of our own site too in the days ahead.

In the USA, Canada and Scandinavia, the album is also out in every store!! Make sure you go and get it! Here are some of the places in the USA…
Best Buy – on sale for $7.99. Your local independent record store – Get a FREE 7” single featuring a live version of “Ego” recorded last summer in Finland, while supplies last!!
You can also find Crossing The Rubicon at a lot of other stores, including, Target, FYE, Newbury Comics, Walmart, and of course on our summer tour!!

All of this info is available at our newly launched website THE.SOUNDS.COM Here you will find an expanded tour section, with ticket links, directions to show, and even a game! Also,

you can hear any of our albums, watch videos, and be up to date on the latest news from The Sounds. We are continually building this out, and should soon have a new forum, where you can talk to each other about our shows, songs, art, etc. There is even a place to discuss carpooling and traveling to shows! The photo section is new too, and there is even a page where you can BUY SOUNDS TSHIRTS

Please go out and support us by buying the album, and then telling all of your firends about it and encouraging them to buy it too. Just know that we do this for you, and we made this album for you. We’ll be announcing a WORLD TOUR starting this fall soon as well, so get ready for a very exciting year with The Sounds!



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